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Ranking on the first page will guarantee you more clicks if the ranking search term has a high volume of search queries.  The best SEO campaign should be to increase traffic to your site, increase phone calls to your business and/or ultimately increase revenue for your business.

One reason why the principle of selling SEO packages based on page one rankings may not be good for you is because some keywords get very few searches. Some don’t get any at all. If an SEO company ranks your business’s website on the first page for five keywords that no-one is searching for then even if you rank in the top position for those keywords you won’t get any visitors to your website.

You need to know the search volumes for the keywords that they’re ranking you for. They should tell you that information if you ask them. If not, you can check yourself using Google’s keyword tool.  Your SEO companyshould provide reporting monthly at the LEAST!  If your SEO company is not providing you with reporting that shows an increase in Search Queries, Website Traffic or Rankings, it is time to move on to a company that does provide reporting.

It’s not uncommon for SEO companies to pick five or so keywords with very low search volumes to rank you for because normally the lower the search volume is the lower the level of competition is, which makes it easier and cheaper for them to rank your website for those keywords. What constitutes a ‘good’ search volume depends on the industry you’re in, your budget and the commercial value of those keywords.

If you’re spending less than $500 a month, then you need to be realistic and not expect a reputable SEO company to rank your website for five highly searched for competitive keywords. Neither should you accept being ranked for five worthless keywords either.

So, if you’re tempted by one of the many “guaranteed first page rankings” offers, make sure you check up on the value of those keywords before paying any money. Even if the SEO company does agree to work on valuable keywords for you though, and they do fulfill their promise to get your website displayed in one of the top ten positions, it still may not work out to be a good deal for you. The reason being that the site in 10th position rarely gets clicked on when people do a search.

Why? Because the websites in the top few positions normally meet the searchers need, which gives them no reason to check out the website at the bottom of the page.

The exact figures for which websites in the top ten for any given search get what amount of clicks vary slightly from study to study, however, for the purposes of this example, the data from a study by a respected marketing company called Optify will be used.

But MegaSeoMarketing does not just do simple SEO. Our agency offers you the most complete digital marketing pack currently available in the world. From the creation of backlinks with high authority, increasing the number of social signals, social bookmarking, writing and posting articles with relevant content until posting business in all existing social networks and cascading the posts through more than 1284 different profiles . then creating positive feedback, positive reviews and reviews, creating and distributing recommendations, and more. All these digital marketing services included in a complete package of serviceswill bring a spectacular growth of your business that will transform you into our collaborators forever. This is MegaSeoMarketing, as its name, SEO and marketing at maximum limits.

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SMS Marketing

Rapid, eficient, si citit imediat. Expeditia mesajelor se va face prin platforme profesionale si optimizate special pentru SMS Marketing. Luati legatura cu destinatarii dumneavoastra rapid si eficient printr-un simplu SMS. Mesajul este imediat citit, dupa doar cateva minute. Nu exista costuri ascunse, platiti doar mesajele pe care le trimiteti. Incercati gratuit serviciile noastre, si descoperiti cum puteti maximiza impactul campaniilor dumneavoastra .

EMAIL Marketing

Platforma on-line profesionala. Emailuri personalizate trimise unor grupuri tinta eficient targetate si actualizate in permanenta. Campaniile de Email marketing au diferite obiective. Fie ca ti-ai propus sa valorifici oportunitatile de vanzare, sa atragi atentia publicului, sa iti faci vizibil brandul, produsele sau vrei sa fidelizezi consumatorii, fiecare dintre aceste obiective sunt usor de atins atunci cand rata de livrare a emailurilor tale creste cu fiecare campanie.

FAX Marketing

Initiem si derulam campanii de FAX Marketing catre mii de destinari. Mesajul tau va ajunge cu siguranta la potentialii clientiScopul firmei noastre este acela de a oferi servicii premium de trimitere a faxurilor, la preturi mult mai mici fata de cele ale competitorilor. De asemenea, ne-am dori sa avem oportunitatea de a va prezenta dumneavoastra si companiei pe care o reprezentati oferta noastra completa. Incercati servicii nelimitate pentru nevoile dvs!